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Remedy Body & Retreat

Stomach Retreat       

Our stomach retreat is concentrated on the abdomen, small and large intestines, and the muscles surrounding these organs. According to health experts, abdominal massage has many healthy benefits.

We focus all benefits below:

Releasing physical and emotional tension.

Releasing muscle spasms.

Increasing blood flow to the abdomen.

Benefit abdominal organs.

Aiding in weight loss.

Encourage relaxation.

Tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

This treatment also uses the Biologique Recherche Body Glove which is specifically designed to assist the lymphatic system in drainage and detoxification. 

1. Those with digestive issues seeking relief and improved abdominal health.

2. Individuals experiencing physical or emotional tension in the abdomen.

3. Anyone wanting to enhance circulation and blood flow to abdominal organs.

4. Those interested in holistic weight loss methods focusing on the abdomen.

5. Individuals seeking relaxation, muscle toning, detoxification, and improved sleep quality for their abdominal region.

$150 / 45min

Lymph Drainage Abdominal massage
Legs Lymphatic drainage

Legs Retreat

Our unique method blends manual and mechanical stimulation to boost circulation, facilitate lymphatic drainage, calm the nervous system and sculpt physical features.

Releases tension, tired and puffiness.

This treatment also uses the Biologique Recherche Body Glove which is specifically designed to assist the lymphatic system in drainage and detoxification. 

$150 / 60 min

Lymph Balancer

Our purifying and detoxifying treatment promotes the elimination of toxins and helps improve microcirculation.

Lymphatic drainage is a method that improves health and free-flowing lymphatic system, which plays a crucial role in removing toxins from healthy cells and tissues and excess fluid, waste materials and dead blood cells. Being part of the immune system, the lymphatic system fights infections, destroys pathogens and filters waste.

A manual lymphatic drainage is a superficial treatment that accelerates circular motions to stimulate the lymph flow. With increasing of the lymph flow, the immune system also moves better.

This treatment also uses the Biologique Recherche Body Glove which is specifically designed to assist the lymphatic system in drainage and detoxification. 

Recommend for :

1. Those seeking detoxification and improved circulation.

2. Individuals wanting to enhance their lymphatic system's function.

3. Anyone interested in boosting their immune system.

4. Those looking for manual lymphatic drainage to stimulate lymph flow.

5. Individuals seeking a comprehensive detox treatment for overall wellness.

$280/ 90 min


Kino Lomi         

In old Hawaii the Lomilomi was used in healing of the body, soul and mind. We created a new remedy approach with Lomilomi, Lymphatic drainage, and eastern healing techniques for optimal balance and renewal.

Our 90 minute treatment includes LED which delivers the benefits of light therapy into your skin’s deepest layers. Radio frequency(RF) & LED are pain-free treatments to help reduce inflammation, relieve discomfort from arthritis, joint stiffness and general muscle tension. LED is also beneficial in boosting collagen production and is excellent for treating acne and boosting circulation.

$180 / 60min

$240 / 90min

(RF Treatment Included)

Remedy Body Therapy

For those seeking reconnection, stillness, and perspective--

this deeply relaxing, meditative, and regenerative pathway is a balm for the restlessness brought on by the frenetic pace of modern life.

Developed to promote inner peace, grounding and return body and mind to a state of harmony.

Who we recommend for:

1. Busy professionals seeking respite from the hectic pace of their careers.
2. Parents or caregivers in need of a peaceful retreat from the demands of family life.
3. Those experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety looking for a holistic approach to     relaxation.
4. Individuals seeking a deeper connection with themselves and their inner calm.
5. Anyone feeling disconnected from their surroundings and in need of grounding and     perspective.
6. Wellness enthusiasts interested in exploring meditative and regenerative practices.
7. Individuals recovering from physical or emotional exhaustion who require gentle           
8. Those on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, seeking moments of

    stillness and reflection.
9. Anyone interested in holistic healing and wellness modalities aimed at restoring

    balance and harmony.
10. Individuals simply looking for a tranquil escape to recharge their batteries and

    nurture their well-being.


$280 / 90 min

$380 / 120 min


Remedy Destress for 2

A treatment for two-- invite a friend, family, or loved one to experience this treatment with. Enjoy the restorative effects of our tension-releasing 60 or 90 minute massage followed by our Remedy lifting and firming mini-facial with a hydrating mask for rejuvenating and refreshing your skin.
The exquisite combination envelopes the face and body in ultimate luxury.

                                                                                                                         2 for $420 / 120min

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