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Our Spa

​Our Commitment to Quality




Remedy Spa

Remedy Spa is a clean and modern spa escape for anyone who seeks healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Every treatment is tailored to fit the customers’ varying bodies and needs, using state-of-the art equipment and high-quality products with proven, lasting results.

Flower  Chandelier

The spa visitors are welcomed with a flower lei chandelier that symbolizes a love that blossoms in the middle of a flower garden.

Our chandelier fabricator is Studio AT, known for making custom lighting for 4-5 star hotels

throughout the globe.


ADA Bathroom

The shape of our bathroom sink was inspired by the picturesque waves of Waikiki. Crafted by Antonio Lupi, an expert luxury designer, it is the first of its kind to be imported from Italy to the state of Hawaii. 

Our marble tile wall also features an orchid design which was was crafted by the well-known sculpture artist Michael Aram (Artistic Tile).

Our countertops also feature a Cambria stone material which contain excellent antibacterial functions

Ceiling and mirror lighting fixtures done by Electric Mirror. The faucet by Hansgrohe USA.

It is a stylish and welcoming ADA compliant bathroom.

Treatment Room

Our treatment room color scheme is inspired by the white sand beaches of Waikiki.

From the floral shaped lighting fixtures to the Mother of Pearl tile backings that reminds us of crashing waves (made by Artistic Tiles), the theme of Flower/Wind/Oceans are placed delicately throughout our spaces.

We also chose elegant and sophisticated fabrics with their own subtle floral motifs of Hawaii for each room.

The design team created sleek, soft opening cabinets with easy pull-down shelves that are accessible with the lightest touch-- to be mindful of minimizing noise and touch.

Untitled design-3.png

VIP Treatment Room

Glittering water surface, crashing waves, freestanding sink in floral shape with LED light built in... All are the part of design themes. The unique freestanding sink was also imported from Italy for the first time to Hawaii

(Antonio Lupi) .

The mirror was also inspired by the Tappa art (Holly Hunt). The lighting fixture by Moooi.

The Moooi is a Dutch word and means Beautiful.

Miele Washer & Dryer

Remarkable quality

Incredible efficiency

Professional grade laundry

The innovative Little Giants washers and dryers provide professional-grade disinfection and fabric care in a high-efficiency, compact system.

Untitled design-4.png
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